normally the publisher shares daily spin and coin links on facebook and twitter handles and you can follow them but the easiest way to use this page is because we collect all the reward links and share them on this page also we tested each link and shared only the working reward link


tap on the collect now button and then a pop up menu will appear asking you if you d like to open it in coin master confirm you want to do that and then the coin master app will launch the rewards from that link will then automatically be credited to your account

i have a couple complaints a couple times i wasn t awarded what i was supposed to be and i ve lost a lot of points there s times that i hit the carrots and they didn t show up on my account and the last time the last one was the same thing i had them three at a time three time three eta time and wasn t awarded it but if you fix your game i love it

after getting the spins you need to know how can you use them and how to become a coin master so we going to discuss all key features including the advantages of this game for example using slot machines attacking opponent villages raiding other gamers bases etc


joining forces with friends within the game can lead to mutual benefits during special events hosted by coin master inviting friends to play increases the fun factor while opening up avenues for collaboration that result in shared rewards like bonus spins or coins by leveraging this feature effectively through inviting friends regularly players not only enhance their own gaming experience but also contribute to creating a vibrant gaming community within their circle


coin master is a casual mobile game for both android and ios platforms no matter whether you are using an android or ios device the gameplay is based on a slot machine and gamers can spin and get different items for example coins hammers pig robbers and other items that are based on your level you need to use the slot machine and get lots of coins