until tiktok s advertising network develops further the easiest way for tiktok influencers to earn money is by making direct arrangements with brands as people become better known on the platform they will begin to have brands approach them with business propositions once you count your followers in the thousands you can start to look at monetizing tiktok companies have been known to pay 200 to 20 000 per branded video promoted by influencers depending on the individual s level of influence


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the good news is that numerous websites swear to give you thousands of free tiktok coins but the hard truth is are they safe are they trustworthy well some might be but some are indeed a scam bitterly some of the apps or websites can hack your tiktok account and collect all your personal data it can even get worse your bank and credit card information can also be leaked i do not assure that such ruthless circumstances will happen but yes the chances are high

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