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upi is available as a payment mode on cashfree payment gateway your customers can use any upi app including phonepe googlepay etc to pay the upi payment gateway charges are as per the applicable law


there is usually a delay between the time you earn cash through a money making app and when you receive it depending on the app the delay could be 10 days or longer still some apps have low minimum thresholds for requesting payouts for example survey junkie lets you cash out with just 5 in earnings you may have to verify your bank account or paypal details before the app can send you money which could take several days

as artificial intelligence continues advancing leveraging it to earn online income will keep increasing in popularity given the ease of creating helpful and informative content that people are willing to pay for

between ebay and paypal buyers cannot use more than one resolution method to get a refund if a buyer initiates a paypal purchase protection dispute any ebay money back guarantee claims open order cancellations or return requests for the same transaction are immediately closed if it is with a financial institution the financial institution decides the final outcome of the payment dispute


in this scam fraudsters send fake emails that look like legitimate password change emails from paypal the email includes a link to secure your paypal account but if you click on the link you ll be taken to a fake paypal login page that steals your password


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